Pack Your Neon!

Make sure you pack your neon, hypercolour socks and light sabers.  Get ready to see Wes and Chris in lycra.  Our gala party at BILT ANZ will be 1980’s themed!  Our events team is working hard to put together the best ever gala party to end the first BILT ANZ with a blast.

On the Saturday evening from 7.00pm the Adelaide Convention Centre will go back to the future for the final night of BILT ANZ.  We’ve listened to your feedback and thought hard about how our attendees like to amuse themselves.  So no bands – just playlists, games and lots of laughs at Wes looking even sillier than when he fell through the bottom of a beach chair on the Gold Coast!

As well as ’80s music and decorations, we are looking to amuse you all with ’80s games – both electronic and physical.  Think atari, think pacman, think twister.  Maybe we can find some old mac machines and boot up some original ArchiCAD?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what games we should have and your ’80s essential music selections.  Head on over to our Facebook or tweet us @BILTevent #80sparty.  If we get some great suggestions – maybe we can find you a light saber for a prize (or some lycra)?

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