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Bill Debevc is an avid podcast listener. He started listening to them during his daily commute from home to work in Las Vegas but got really interested during longer commutes from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Having listened to enough podcasts over two years of driving back and forth from Las Vegas to LA, Bill decided it was finally time for me to give it a go.

“My motto this year is the ‘Year of the Do’,” says Bill. So I decided to stop thinking and start doing. I created two different podcasts, BIMThoughts and MacThoughts. I knew if I did not have an audience I would stop and two different podcasts should give me a shot at having an audience!”  

So how are the two podcast different?

According to Bill, BIMThoughts is about BIM technology and techniques and MacThoughts is a podcast about Apple and what’s going on in our lives with Mac and the “i” ecosystem.

Bill continues, “I honestly thought MacThoughts would more popular than BIMThoughts as it had more people in the world listening to the podcast. But BIMThoughts is the more important one for me professionally.  As it turns out BIMThoughts is trending higher than MacThoughts right now. I would have never dreamed that in the first month I would have over one thousand people download the podcast!”

Back to the first question: What is BIMThoughts?

BIMThoughts is at its heart a Podcast about Technology and Techniques. It all started as a panel type of podcast with Bill and Aubrey Fredrick. They quickly discovered during recording the first episode they needed another host. That’s where Carla Edwards entered the picture. Carla brings special dynamic to make this podcast really work. Having three hosts keeps the conversation going; it allows the other hosts to think about whats next. They’re three technologists with overlapping interests in AEC but specific specialties: a Information Technology Guru, A Revit Architecture Guru, and a Navisworks and MEP Guru.

After Bill published a few MACThoughts and the first BIMThoughts he began to think more deeply think about what makes podcasts successful. He began to study the podcast industry and quickly realized that he was following the host not the podcast.  So he decided to expand the BIMThoughts brand to include interviews. According to Bill, this small addition is proving to be very popular with listeners and as a side benefit he’s able to leverage the guests social network while expanding his own.

And it was during this process Bill realized that making a podcast is actually requires a lot of hard work.

“The act of recording the podcast is the easy part!” exclaims Bill. “The most important part is discipline. You need to decide what schedule works best for you and the other hosts, you need to be flexible with your topics as there are often unexpected tangents during interviews. I have to allow time for some exploration – but not make it too easy to get off track.” 

So what’s the hardest part of podcasting?

Bill doesn’t hesitate with his response. “Editing – no question – is by far the most time consuming and difficult part of podcasting. It takes me 6-10 hours to edit a one hour podcast. I’d have never guessed it’d take that long. Perhaps that’s why most podcasts fail once they start.”

As for technologies, Bill uses a mix of hardware and software that works for him. But he’s also the first to admit it may be not the most sophisticated setup: a Rode Podcaster mic, Sony MDR-7506 headphones, Skype, Quicktime, Audio Hijack 3, Sound Studio, Garageband, iTunes, WordPress and Hostgator as well as a couple of Macs. “It’s pretty simple” states Bill, “Apple is by far the best platform for creating, editing and distributing podcasts.”

So what’s the most interesting and enjoyable part of podcasting?

“It’s about people and their stories.” Bill continues, “Interviewing someone interesting is by far the most enjoyable part of BIMThoughts for me. And I like bouncing back and forth between the more predictable regular panelists and less predictable interviews.”

So why not just do interviews?

“Well, the panelist part is how BIMThoughts started and it creates a natural ebb and flow between the interviews” recalls Bill. “I like being able to drill down with my co-hosts about a single topic. We’re all learning something from each other.”

Want to know what makes RTC so special? Head over here for a recent discussion with Phil Read and Bill Debevc about RTC on BIMThoughts. You’ll quickly realize that Bill is a very kind and patient host who tries his best to keep the conversation flowing.

Keep it up Bill! Looking forward to seeing you at RTC North America this July. Don’t forget your microphone!

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