Periodic Table of BIM

I stumbled upon this the other day. I found it interesting. It’s certainly the most comprehensive attempt to compile BIM strategy and governance that I have ever seen.

It got me thinking about 2 things:

  1. BIM implementation can be viewed from very polarized extremes of process versus practicality. A balance we strive to straddle in the RTC universe. A battle between these sides play out on a daily basis on the floors of design offices and in construction site offices all over the world.
  2. Our bosses only seem to understand process, guidelines and manuals. Considering several of the “elements” listed above is the only way to convince management that we are actually on top of things.  Not that they may ever understand the nuances of BIM implementation, but our positions in an organization as a “BIM Manager” hinges upon the ability to develop enterprise appropriate governance.

BIM is a big thing… thinking about it too much makes my brain hurt. I’m of the Nike philosophy, “Just Do It!”

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