Plan B

So your session didn’t get accepted and now you’ve had a think, drink and are considering options.

“I had a really great session and I don’t understand how it didn’t get accepted”, you keep thinking to yourself.

As mentioned in a previous post, sometimes there are very similar proposals and some are inevitably rejected.

In a few days, registration is going to open. When this happens, you’ll be able to peruse the accepted sessions. Look closely…do you see a session that is very similar in theme? Perfect.

Unless your session is *exactly* like the similar session that was accepted (unlikely) you’ve both got a valid story. Both lessons learned are valid but different Maybe the building types were different. You’ve got an angle. They’ve got an angle. But between the two experiences there’s valuable lessons and overlap.

So here’s what I’d recommend: reach out to the accepted session presenter and offer to co-present.

Tell them about your proposal and how you could assist in preparing and presenting their session. Collaborate on the outline, Divide and conquer the workflow. Present. Win.

The goal is to have the best sessions possible, right? And maybe the angle of your lessons learnt is slightly different but really important.

Maybe by telling your stories together you both manage to come up with a presentation and session that is better than either one of you would have accomplished on your own.

You win.

They win.

The attendees win.

Everyone wins.

Think about it!

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