Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Last week I briefly wrote about the history of the St. Louis Union Station, which happens to be 2018 BILTna built venue. Let’s continue the theme this week and discuss options for getting to the conference: you can drive, you can fly or you can take the train. You drive and fly all the time – so why not take the train?

It’s not crazy talk – hear me out. I’ve taken the train from St. Louis to Chicago and it’s really, really cool. For about $75 for a business class seat(!) and 5 hours of your time (which door to door is as long as it’ll take you to fly from Chicago) you can save a lot of money and start to relax the moment you jump on board. There’s a plug for your laptop and complimentary wifi too. Once you arrive in St. Louis, the hotel is less than ten minute walk away.

It’s up to you – but this is what you’ll get if you fly:

InteroirjetAnd this is what you get if you take Amtrak:


And if you think Amtrak is inviting while traveling to St. Louis, imagine what it’ll be like going back to Chicago post gaga-dinner Sunday morning. Bloody Mary anyone? No 45 minute taxi to airport to check in two hours before flight. Walk 10 minutes. Hop on the train. Relax.

For the overall Amtrak route map start here. For time tables and pricing head over here

All aboard!

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