Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Going Postal

Time to announce the location of 2015 #RTCNA Friday night function:

We’re headed to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum!

While your laptop, cell phone email might represent great modern technology, we’re going to be in the presence of the first planes, trains and automobiles (and stagecoaches and steamers and tubes…yes…tubes) that were all used to carry mail from across the continent to the smallest towns in the US. A few of the museum highlights can be viewed over here

Suffice to say that not everything at RTC has to be about BIM. It’s about context and remembering that as technology evolves it’s wise to keep up with the changes. Principle vs. Application. Plato vs. Aristotle. :)

So register today for #RTCNA and plan on having a wonderfully unique learning, sharing and networking evening at the National Postal Museum. And the next time you start to feel impatient at the lack of response (“It’s already been five minutes!!!!”) to your email, tweet or text message? Take a deep breath, relax and consider the alternatives from not very long ago.

And every once in a while, maybe (just maybe) you should simply turn off the internet.

Just don’t turn off the lights. :)

One thought on “Planes, Trains and Automobiles

  1. Over the weekend I was chatting with my mother and mentioned the Postal Museum locale for the Friday night function (my parents will be in town and are going to come along). her reaction was “Oh, make sure you look up Gidgi (my grandmother, Zaida Newell)!”

    Turns out that after working as the postmaster in Falls Church, Virginia (15 minutes to the left of the Crystal Gateway Marriott) she was promoted to Executive Assistant to the Postmaster General in Washington DC (15 minutes to the right of the Crystal Gateway Marriott). She was stuck in the city during the riots following the murder of Martin Luther King in 1968 and saved the life of the Postmaster General. If you are the first to find a photo of her, I am throwing in a small prize. Just come find me on the night and show me, and the prize is yours.

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