Post RTCAUS Feedback


Jonathon Dutton – BIM Manager Structex Limited:


This year’s event was the second RTC I’ve attended and was really impressed with how well the conference was put together. I really appreciate the sense of community where you can meet and collaborate with other people sharing such valuable information – it really is quite inspiring.  


Our business is particularly focused on effectiveness & efficiency. After attending a few classes on Dynamo, I discovered how to automate some repetitive tasks, reducing what typically took hours to complete to less than 30 seconds. The first Dynamo script I wrote after RTC used our excel project planning file to populate a Revit project with all the proposed drawing sheets – even selecting the appropriate title block and naming conventions. Following this, I wrote a script which placed all my precast panel elevation views on sheets. This saves my company enormous amount of time, which allows our team to focus on more challenging problems rather than work on boring and repetitive tasks.


Let’s recap:


• Great conference

• Relevant classes

• Immediately returned on the investment of attending RTC


Sounds like a winner! Thanks for the great feedback Jonathon!


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