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Russel Hamblin

Russell Hamblin, National BIM Manager, Thomson Adsett:

Initially, my excitement was lacking in the lead up to this year’s event. I was wondering: “What could really be new from one year to the next?” A lot of us who attend RTC regularly probably have a fairly good grasp of Revit and self-confidence in implementing BIM. So it can be hard to get excited when you think you have it all covered.  

The keynote address on the UK BIM mandate had a big impact on me. It demonstrated clearly to me not what I knew, but what I would like to know. The rest of the conference featured some of the best presentations I have seen in the five RTC events I’ve been to thus far. One person can only attend so many sessions – so it’s time to bring more team members. And if that’s not enough, another reason I want to come back each year is the opportunity to mix and meet with other delegates who are always so helpful and willing to share.

I can’t stress this enough: RTC isn’t about solving any one particular immediate problem. It’s about understanding the whole problem, which for me is figuring out the best method of implementing BIM. The conference gives me unique insight into what the ‘real world’ is doing today as well as where it’s probably headed in the near future. RTC helps me identify the new technology and processes in order to determine whether or not they are worth investing in. It’s hard to imagine how useful this is until you actually go to RTC.

Thanks Russell!

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