Reality Changes… You’ve Got To Keep Up

Virtual Reality (VR) has entered the mainstream. Clients are asking for it. After decades of being the odd stepchild of rendering and the world wide web, Virtual Reality has come into its own thanks to developments in mobile and supporting technologies. Some of you may remember the introduction of VRML in 1994 and the promise of Web3d a few years later. Prior to that, Morton Helig devised a multimodal stereoscopic machine called Sensorama, immersing the user into a virtual world for entertainment. Today, design industries are seeing much value in virtual and Augmented Reality (AR).
For the healthcare industry, VR has proven to be invaluable and generally a real crowd-pleaser. For instance our staff walk around existing Hospital Emergency Departments with our clients and their staff, displaying the virtualized renovations on iPads and cardboard viewers. Decisions related to design questions are quickly provided and feedback is ample. Miscommunication is minimized with these tools and attendees leave with a clear understanding of the designs presented. Value. I look forward to discussing VR and AR with colleagues at the Design Technology Summit this summer in Toronto. Being a forum of leaders of large firms, DTS has got the answers you are looking for and the experience to tap as you venture into new avenues of design technologies. The upcoming Summit looks to cross-pollinate with individuals and expertise outside of our industry, to inspire ideas and solutions to challenges you face. Discussion of your firm’s design technology challenges is part of every Summit. Join the community of Design Technology Leaders this summer in Toronto and take a step towards driving increased value, new client opportunities or better quality in your firm.
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