Reflecting on RTC


If there is one thing that always surprises me about RTC, and it shouldn’t, it’s the fact that a large percentage of people attending the conference pay for it out of their own pocket. I say it shouldn’t surprise me because that’s exactly what I did a number of times myself.

The reason was simple: to generally further my knowledge of BIM and of Revit in particular. I had a second motive too. As a small business owner, I knew I would network with past, present and future clients — add to that being accepted as a speaker, and I got some marketing and professional recognition to boot.

The education part of it was key, though. Before my first RTC, I was an avid reader of some of the prolific and knowledgeable bloggers out there. Authors, too — Paul Aubin, Don Bokmiller, and Simon Whitbread, to name a few. The classes offered the first opportunity to hear them live, and to interact with them — my comments in a class presented by Don even got me a mention in his book!

And then something unexpected happened, taking it to another level. I got to know these people. I got to ask them their opinion on subjects that interested me. I was engaged in conversations that took place outside of the classes. I was furthering my professional development. And this is what truly makes RTC unique and different. This is worth its weight in gold.

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