Submissions Are Closed

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday break with friends and family.

Thanks to everyone who submitted proposals for this years BILT North American Conference in Toronto. As we like to say in the Land O’ BIM “It’s all about the data!”

Here’s a few stats to give you something to think about while the committee begins reviewing submissions in earnest. The committee needs to have the initial reviews complete because the on-site program has to be settled in little more than 30 days!

Total number of submissions: 354

Submissions by country:

Primary Abstract Tags:

Submission by Presentation Type:

Submission by Session Type:

Most submissions award: Carl Storms submitted 18 sessions. One of these years we are going to accept all of your submissions, Carl. We’ll designate one of the lecture halls just for you and you’ll have to teach back to back sessions for the entire conference. :)

That’s it. Keep the committee in mind while you relax in front of the TV during the next four weeks. Odds are we’ll be on conference calls doing submission reviews!

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