Registration Is Coming!

Hello everyone! Only 15 weeks from today (Wednesday, April 19th) and about this time a select few of us will be gathering for the first ever BILT NA conference Speaker and Sponsor Social!

Of course the rest of you will be arriving and checking into your hotel rooms and then trying to crash the party. Watch out – Heidi Lam will be checking name badges! :)

Suffice to say that none of this is going to happen until registration opens – and registration is about to open. Get ready:

Registration opens on – well, it’s next week. If I had more details I’d let you know. Gah.

You can also expect to receive an email from BILT at least 24 hours before registration opens with the registration link.

We’ll also be sure to promote the link via Twitter:

So get your clicky finger ready and hopefully you’ll be in time for early bird pricing. Ready…set…CLICK!

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