Revit Locally, BIM Globally

How is your firm positioned for being internationally competitive? What? You’re not? Is it already too late?

If you think that it’s possible to quietly work in your corner of the US and not prepare for the implications of how architecture will (by necessity) become internationally relevant perhaps you should take a quick look around:

  • Your interns. Notice how many of your interns are starting their careers by studying abroad? They get it.
  • Your employees. Notice how so many of your co-workers are connected internationally by friends, family and other relationships? They get it.
  • Your design partners. Notice how the engineers and other consultants that you work with are keeping abreast of global design trends? They get it.
  • Your builders. Notice how they’re keeping up with direct-to-fabrication, manufacturing and mass-customization to keep quality high and prices low? They get it.
  • Your clients. Notice how they’re more and more likely to be serving international customers and clients that are bringing their business to the US? They get it.
  • Your competition. Notice how other design firms in your region are competing for international work and relevance? They get it.

The reason RTC holds four international events per year isn’t simply about keeping travel costs down for delegates in any specific region. RTC holds multiple conferences a year because innovation comes from many sources and those sources have geographic implications. This is more than design aesthetics – it’s about processes and best practices that can improve your bottom line.

In four weeks RTC will hold it’s third european conference it Budapest. Internatlonal delegates from all over Europe and beyond will compare notes, processes and best practices that help their firms stay relevant in ways that is difficult to imagine if you’re merely a design firm focused on North America.

So you have a choice:

  1. Proactively learn from your competition
  2. Keep your head down and pretend what’s happening internationally can’t possibly have an effect on your US based business.

The answer should be clear: “That’s not how we’ve done it” is never good enough. You’re best investment is to keep challenging your assumptions. Because if you’re not working to make yourself irrelevant – your competition will gladly do it for you. To remain relevant, your firm needs to keep improving, evolving and learning from your peers – nationally and internationally.

And that’s what RTC Events is all about.

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