Revit Session Tips N Tricks from RTCAUS 2013

We will be offering up a couple tips per week as we approach the next conference in Vancouver. For those of you that have not been to an RTC yet, we choose to end each conference by pulling everyone together again to take part in a couple sessions as well as the Gala Dinner. These help close the event formally, “with a bang”. It helps everyone be part of the big picture again before they head back to their normal lives instead of justnfinishing up their individual sessions and wandering off.

Tips and Tricks is one of these sessions (Glorious Gadgets is the other). This session is special in that the tips are gathered from the sessions presented over all three days of each event. The image below is the slide for tips we gleaned from one of Marcello Sgambelluri’s sessions, from the most recent conference in Auckland.

The RTC committee spends several hours the night before the session preparing the slide deck, it is still a fair bit of last minute work since we are pulling from the current event’s sessions. We can’t help but try to work some good (we hope) humor in…thus the cheesy merging of Marcello’s head and a hero’s body.

Be a hero and don't wait for Autodesk!

Marcello always shares his passion and delivers his message hoping to inspire us. This year he encouraged us all to go back to our offices and “Be a Hero”! We can be a hero whenever we come to the aid of co-workers with that bit of wisdom we picked up at RTC. We can be a hero to a project by remembering how to solve “that” problem.

He also encouraged us with, “Don’t Wait”. Take matters into your own hands. Don’t be deterred by the word “workaround”… don’t wait for a perfect solution, you can probably get what you need now. It starts with your perspective and attitude!

Thanks to Marcello for sharing your intellectual pursuits, passion and enthusiasm with RTC again!!

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