Revit standards analytics

At the Design Technology Summit we discuss a wide variety of topics and challenges relevant to our firms success. Recently member firm Francis Cauffman wanted to get an understanding and baseline of Revit progress within the firm. They began analyzing their Revit projects and usage of firm standards within their models. The approach taken was to create a new blank Revit file and load into it 20 recent or current projects, then query these projects using schedules such as Wall, Door, Floor, Ceiling, Specialty Equipment, and so on. The schedules would show total count across all the projects, sorted by Family and Type and revealed some very interesting information about the difference between what was considered standard content in the firm’s template and what should be included in the template. It also revealed the usage of best practices in projects and identified teams that needed some attention.

This kind of tactic is one of many that are often discussed at the Summit. If this kind of strategy is of value to you, then you will find DTS is a great resource. Come and join the discussion at the Summit!

Attendance at DTS is by invitation only and limited to 40 registrants. We feel that his number will better foster an atmosphere of active and meaningful discussions between everyone.

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