RTC and Linked In Events

If you are a member of Linked in, LI has a Events application that lets you create and define the events you are attending. This will let you and others see who is attending, increasing the chances of people planning to get together during the event. RTC is already an intimate event so it’s not that likely that people won’t run into each other anyway. Just to hedge your bets you can visit these events and say you are attending.

I created the event for the North American event and Matt Rumbelow created the event for the Australasia event this year. LI doesn’t let us change the value for Event Organizer so it looks like we are the big shots when in reality it is RTC Event’s show. Pay no mind to our big shot’ness.

Register now to ensure your spot!

Follow these links to visit the Linked in Events:
RTCAUS 2012 – Wollongong – May 24-26, 2012
RTCUSA 2012 – Stone Mountain – June 28-30, 2012

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