RTC AUS 2012 begins Tomorrow!

Hard to believe a year has passed since the last RTC, RTC AUS 2012 opens its doors for attendees to check-in at the registration desk tomorrow morning!

When you get up in the morning you might be greeted with this view! Not too shabby eh?

Here’s a hint what you’ll see as you step off the elevator, straight ahead is the route to the meeting rooms. The exhibitors haven’t set up yet but their booths are ready for them.

As you wander a little closer you’ll get to check out some exhibitors, they’ll get to setting up tonight after VisDay wraps up.

And a view looking back the other way.

The plenary room was busy with preparations last evening when this picture was taken.

If you still haven’t decided to attend you can register at the hotel in the morning, better late than never!

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