RTC AUS – The Top Ten

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Each year we work hard to sort through a very large selection of abstracts that have been submitted by some awfully clever people who would like to speak at RTC. Each year, those people put significant work into preparing some amazing classes that bring you the latest and greatest thoughts, techniques, and tactics that you can apply in your own workflows. Each year, you come along, listen to these people, and offer up feedback on what worked, what was worthwhile, and, unfortunately, what wasn’t. While we would love to say that everybody’s classes were equally well received, and everything rated a 10 out of 10, life’s not quite like that, and so, we have the top ten…

First off: kudos to a few people who just barely missed out on slots in the top ten. We had a higher average rating for talks this year than in previous years, so the caliber was very high indeed! Rory Martin, Jason Bailly and Glynnis Patterson all gave talks that rated well enough to have made it into the top ten last year, so well done!

  • 10.  Jeremy Harkins – ineni Realtime The Value of Realtime Environments
  • 9.  Adam Sheather – YTL Corporation Builders Works, What Works?
  • 8.  Adam Sheather – YTL Corporation LAB: DynaWorks Introduction
  • 7.  Jon Mirtschin – Geometry Gym IFC Unearthed
  • 6.  Richard Simpson – Spatial Industry Business Association (SIBA) Space to Place: Evolving New Value into Spatial Data
  • 5.  Michael Alder – Arup Reality of Reality Capture
  • 4.  Daniel Morrison – BPi Getting More Out of your MEP
  • 3.  Håvard Vasshaug – Dark Arkitekter Dynamo in Sturctural Design
  • 2.  Mark Jeffery – ODG Solutions Culture Change – Changing Mindsets, Behaviours and Business Performance
  • 1.  Håvard Vasshaug – Dark Arkitekter Enhance your Project Workflow with Dynamo

This year we have two speakers with two sessions in the top ten: Adam Sheather from YTL Corporation, who grabs spots 8 and 9, and Håvard Vasshaug, from Dark Arkitekter, who has absolutely smashed it home with the 3rd highest and the absolute highest rated sessions for this year’s event. Congratulations Håvard! In honour of this supreme effort, I have even figured out how to put the accent over the ‘å’ in your name. I hope you like it.

A hearty round of applause for these speakers please! As Architects, Engineers and consultants ourselves, all of us on the various RTC committees know how much work it takes to put together a great presentation. Our thanks go out to all of you, and we look forward to more amazing content in the future.

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