BCS: Content “Standards” versus Content “Strategies”

In about 40 days, the Building Content Summit will kick off (the day before RTC), and, while talking to folks about their attendance and about the Program itself, I’ve been sure to tell everyone that we will not be spending a day talking about “Content Standards.” In fact, I had a good laugh yesterday while talking to a programmer about my strategy with BIM Content: While “officially” my strategy has always been “No Content that was not built within these walls, will go in these models… period,” over the last two years its actually morphed in to “No Content that has not yet been ‘assimilated’ will go in these models… yet.” An interesting distinction… And that is why attending BCS intrigues me:
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It’s quite possible we spend too much time fighting over content standards, instead of accepting that we AREN’T all going to use one standard. Then we can get down to business on learning how to efficiently move between one another’s content standards. Isn’t that really what we should be focusing on anyway? Maybe I’m less averse to using content from “someone else,” if I can automate turning something from “someone else” in to something that adheres to “our office standards?”

Steve Stafford and I were sending a model of a Stage Proscenium back and forth on Dropbox, both adding pieces of content. Would I let this fly with one of my project teams on a real project? (Well, with Steve… Of course!) But then it dawned on me: Why NOT let it fly, if you can map data and simply CONFORM it to what your standards are? (For giggles, it took four minutes to make every piece of content in here work with every template, Filter, schedule, and system our office has…)

There’s an idea: Let’s NOT try to shoehorn everyone in to a standard. Let’s define what our variations are, and then work on the migration plans so we are all able to use one another’s things, and use them efficiently. To date, I have 4 sets of automated routines to “auto conform” content to the Maller way. Surely I’m not the only one?

I hope you are planning to attend BCS. I’ve already made my list of whose brains I want to pick (evil grin), and whose stuff I want to compare with and share, and edit during the Content Hackathon. I’m bringing my entire library (literally) and planning on some insane dialogue and collaboration. You should too.

Register to BCS today!


-Aaron Maller (twiceroadsfool)

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