RTC Design Technology Summit


If you’re not familiar with the Design Technology Summit (DTS) now is your chance! DTS has three topic groups, Collaboration, Management, and Innovation. Each group’s focus was chosen by the members as a primary area of challenges that design technology leaders in the industry face. We like to make sure that the meetings are highly interactive as people share across a variety of organizational sizes and types.

During the summit, much discussion ensues in these topics as well as others. Each of the groups also continue to develop their projects which vary by group, some of which aim to be revealed or published this summer. The Summer session of the DTS will be held in Washington DC, prior to the Revit Technology Conference.

One more thing: in order to keep the interactive momentum during the summit going strong. Based on past experience we expect to get a great cross section of delegates. But in the process we’d like to keep delegate count limited in order to encourage discussion. As a result we’re limiting registration to the first 40 attendees.

So don’t wait – register today!


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