RTC Design Technology Summit

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The Design Technology Summit brings together a community of AEC professionals who unite to support, foster, and guide the AEC Industry towards maximizing the potential of current and emerging technologies. And we’re meeting again two days before the RTC North American conference in Washington, DC.

There’s not a moment to lose.

Architecture & Eng firms in the US accounted for $246.6 billion in revenues in 2012. These revenues are increasingly dependant on the technologies, if not reliance on technologies such as BIM, as the backbone of project delivery. Today’s AEC firms face a dizzying number of technology challenges in the areas of project delivery, interoperability, risk, innovation, and project management.

Design Technology groups have been a growing organizational trend in AEC firms, bridging the gap between AEC Operation leadership and AEC IT support with design and building experience paired with broad computing intelligence. Crafting BIM strategy, technology implementation, Bim management, collaborative practice methods and fostering innovation, the Design Technology Director faces many challenges.

We’re here to help each other save time, money and promote strategies that encourage sustainable growth.

The DTS provides a community of these uniquely challenged individuals, as a resources and center for solutions, while maximizing the potential of current and emerging technologies in the AEC industry. Register today!

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