RTC EUR 2016 Sneak Peek – New speakers

Each year the RTC Committees strive to find the right balance between returning speakers, well-known international speakers, local speakers, and new speakers. It is a delicate balancing process, but one that creates a very positive tension and leads to a healthy, energy-filled and exciting roster of speakers. This year the hardest part of the process has been our inability to accommodate all of the wonderful speakers and session ideas that were put forward. As a result, we have the strongest lineup of sessions yet for the European event series, and one that is attractive to people from all aspects of our industry and many regions even beyond Europe.

As an extra super-sneak peek, keep your eyes out for upcoming announcements related to ISEP…. the next stage of evolution of RTC begins this year, and you want to be a part of it!

Two weeks ago, we put up a sneak peek at some speakers who have spoken at RTC events before, and the classes they are running that you will want to consider. Today I want to point you to three speakers who are new to the stage at RTC, but who have a lot to offer in their experience and their particular subjects.

On Thursday we have:
Kevin Fielding, from Sheppard Robson Architects
Kevin’s session, titled simply ‘Supercharged Railings’, focuses on how to build LOD 400 or better railings with interchangeable parts, fast! Anyone who has dealt with the railing tools knows that there is a certain amount of black magic involved (and occasional violent language….). Come to this class to learn how to get the most, and the best, out of this complex tool. Kevin is the Regional BIM Lead at Sheppard Robson and is also a committee member for the Manchester Revit User Group in the UK. His focus is on delivering efficiencies throughout the practice through implementation of BIM, better process management, and efficient software use, and automation.

Friday brings us:
Ralf Lindemann, of Pilbrow & Partners, and Maximilian Thumfart, of Thornton Tomasetti
This session, with the rather more hefty name of ‘Flux Flow Fly – Collaboration and Realtime Feedback Loop Between Architects and Engineers’, will walk us through the collaboration process for working between Revit/Dynamo and Rhino/Grasshopper using Flux for data transfer. It will demonstrate how to setup a seamless project workflow, analyse, and optimise the design.

Rounding out today’s sneak peek we move to Saturday, where we find:
Rene Schumann, from HOCHTIEF ViCon
‘Efficient Data Collection for 3D Asset Model Development’ is the title for a session that looks at how we analyse and utilise data throughout the entire project lifecycle – design, construction and operation. Come hear the International Operations Director for HOCHTIEF ViCon talk about how an asset management approach assists in so many aspects of the building lifecycle, including financial decision making, short and long-term planning, work-order scheduling and more.

There are many more great courses coming, and this represents only a bare taste of what is to come. The registration process, with all of these great courses laid out for you to select from, is now only a few days away! Watch your inbox for the announcement, coming soon, and keep the day locked away in your calendars: RTC Europe 2016, Thursday the 20th to Saturday the 22nd of October, 2016 at the beautiful Alfândega do Porto, Portugal

See you there!

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