RTC Europe 2013 App Update and Reminders

RTC Events has a new app available in time for the RTC Europe event, which is less than a week away now.  To find the new application you need to browse for RTC Events. This application will allow us to incorporate all events into a single application environment. You’ll need to login and it may ask you to confirm your details again, it did for me when I got it installed.

Speaking for myself, the app made my experience at RTC NA 2013 in Vancouver quite nice. I could review handouts via my iPad and check out my schedule on my iPhone. The larger screen of the iPad was certainly easier to read class handouts and information but it is possible with a smaller device.

We encourage you to download the RTC app and get familiar with it several days before you arrive at the next event so you’ll be comfortable with it and it won’t be just one more thing to overwhelm you as you arrive on site. If you don’t have a suitable device (iPhone/Pad or Android) for the RTC App you can still access what you need via the event site on Crowd Compass via this RTC EUR 2013 URL.

You can also visit the RTC Events website for RTC EUR 2013.

Pay close attention to the travel details and advice. Remember your passports and visa (if required). If you don’t travel out of your home country frequently remember that customs (yours/theirs) usually will not let you travel if your passport is less than six months from expiring.

Data usage outside of your “home network” is EXPENSIVE!!! Please review your options before traveling so you don’t get a shocking bill when you return home. Two years ago I downloaded two files while in Sydney. The hotel wanted $35 for 24/hours access. I opted to just download via roaming. It cost nearly $80 to download them and they were pretty small. I should have connected to the hotel’s internet. The bottom line, it’s “expensive” so plan ahead.

We are all looking forward to seeing everyone next week in Delft!

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