RTC Europe 2015 Competitions


Competitions have been a part of RTC since the early days in Australia. The format of those competitions will probably be familiar to many of you, poster sized presentation “boards” or “posters with images and text, and entered in one or more of a number of categories. However, competitions are still new to RTC Europe, as our conference here is also new. At the inaugural conference in Delft the focus was on putting on a great first conference, so there was no mention of the competition at all. And last year in Dublin we gave you a taste, with a Gallery of past winners. This year in Budapest we take the next step, with the RTC Europe 2015 Poster Competition sponsored by CADLearning.
The Categories are IntegrationDocumentationPresentation & Innovation, with an overall theme of BIM Workflow. This last is an evolution from previous competitions, where the focus was specifically on a Revit workflow. So, bring your best Revit, or ARCHICAD or NavisWorks or Tekla, or what have you. Put your best BIM forward and lets see what happens.
Prizes are awarded for winner and runner up in all four categories, for a maximum of 8 winners, but it is possible for exceptional entries to win in multiple categories. And of course judging is by Delegates.
Additionally, we are trying something completely new, not just to RTC Europe, but to RTC as a whole. We wanted to think outside the box a bit and reimagine the idea of a “competition”, and also explore new ways to hear from Delegates, so you can help shape your conference. What we came up with is a competition that uses the PechaKucha format*, on the topic of (inspiring) Collaboration. Judging is again by Delegates and the Grand Prize is a Speakership for RTC Europe 2016, on the topic presented in the PechaKucha. Think of this as your “Elevator Pitch” speaker abstract. Oh, and by the way, the PechaKucha winner is a fully sponsored Speakership, with conference and accommodation included, thanks to our sponsor, Graphisoft.
Now, you might wonder about that topic. Are we talking about how you inspire collaboration? Or collaboration that inspires something else, or… Well, that’s up to you. Take that title and run with it!
Entries will be reviewed by the RTC European committee, who will pick three finalists that represent the best combination of a PechaKucha and potential RTC Europe session topic. You’ll know who those finalists are by the gold star on their conference badges. 
Then, at the end of the conference, just before the closing Plenary, we’ll all come together for the PechuKucha session hosted by Graphisoft, where each finalist will present and you Delegates will determine which one presents at RTC Europe 2016. How will you let your choice be known, you might ask? By audience participation, of course, so come prepared to make some noise!
We hope you are looking forward to our two competitions as much as we are. It will be exciting to see something completely new in our PechaKucha, and I think it will be great to see how the European delegates put their own spin on the Poster Competition, especially give the new, broader, focus.
For those of you interested in entering one (or both!) of the competitions, you can find more info here. And for a little detail about creating a PechaKucha Competition entry, see this BLOG post.
Lastly, keep an eye open on Twitter (follow @RTCEUR or #RTCEUR) or FaceBook and this BLOG for updates.
* Note: We are using the PechaKucha format, but we are a not a ‘PechaKucha Night’, which is an entire program of PechaKuchas without the notion of a competition. If you get a chance to go to a PechaKucha night, by all means do. It’s a great event.


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