RTC Europe 2016 is Coming to Town

This is a guest post by Rui Gavina. Rui will be presenting at RTC Europe 2016, and he also happens to be based in Porto.

Rui holds a Bachelor and Master degree in Civil Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of Engineering of Oporto (ISEP-IPP) and a post graduate degree on Computer Aided Structural Design. Rui has always been passionate about innovation and technology and continuously tries to implement it in his field of work. He is a BIM Coordinator on a structural design firm, where he leads the Revit implementation and develops optimized BIM workflows. He is also a Co-Founder of the association ISEPBIM, which is a work and research group on BIM subjects, made up from teachers, former and current students from ISEP-IPP.

The Champions League of BIM is coming to town with the 2016 Conference of RTC Europe! And for us in Portugal, or for the beautiful and colourful city of Porto where the event is being held, what does this mean? That we will have the chance to see, hear and learn from the top BIM minds of the moment? That we will leave the conference with a much greater knowledge and ideas to take our jobs and companies to a higher level? Most definitely yes, and we can say that with assurance just by looking to the past conference speakers, highlights and testimonials. Like the football Champions League final, we know that no matter which teams are playing or where they come from, we will have the experience of our lives and paid a ticket worth every penny!

View of Porto

But is that all? Is RTC just an organisation that gathers great speakers on an appealing venue? If you think so you are way too distracted and maybe it is not BIM what you are looking for. RTC is a BIM Technology Community, and the conferences are a way for this community to come together and let other interested and upcoming BIM players to join them, learn from them and be a part of this world. BIM is bringing not only technology, efficiency and productivity to the AECO industry, it is also bringing a new way of thinking where there is a will for sharing and the awareness that we can all excel individually by working together. A great example of this is this must read post from HÃ¥vard Vasshaug of the Bad Monkeys. Who doesn’t want to be a part of this? I sure do, and with the cooperation of the group ISEPBIM and the support of ISEP (School of Engineering of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto) and RTC, we will try to embrace everyone in Portugal on this great BIM journey towards RTCEUR 2016! See you there!

ISEPBIM | Rui Gavina and Diogo Ribeiro

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