RTC Event Schedule – 2013 Events

Planning ahead? This is a summary of the next events for RTC. Among the many “next” tasks RTC has is updating the websites for each conference as the details are resolved. We will use this blog to announce various things that will ultimately reside on each conference site. The next conferences will be:

RTC Australasia 2013
Auckland, New Zealand
May 16-18,2013

RTC North America 2013
Vancouver, Canada
July 11-13, 2013

RTC Europe 2013
Delft, Holland
September 27-28, 2013

RTC events in 2013 will require a Passport for many more attendees/delegates than before, particularly US citizens traveling to Canada. If you haven’t been to Canada before or recently double check what will be required to travel there from where you live. Australians who plan to travel to Auckland will likely face similar concerns. Research this now so you aren’t scrambling in 10 months trying to get it taken care of at greater cost.

See you there!!

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