RTC in 2013 – Remember the Competitions

Are you attending RTC in 2013, please DO NOT forget about the competitions!

Each year RTC attendees consistently mention they regret not getting involved with the competitions. Suffice it to say there are really great prizes each year and amazing examples of work that make it easy to see why people get excited about working with Revit and BIM.

Why don’t people do it? They forget, they don’t leave enough time to prepare well and they don’t consider enough of their work all year long with them in mind. Well don’t let it happen to you this year!!

Remember the competitions!

Wondering how your projects stack up against past entries? Check out 2012 competition winner’s work HERE. Some truly inspiring projects, presentations and modelling work. Here’s one example by Eric Klotz with ESa, winner in the Integration Category, beautiful modeling work and a nice presentation style too!

Links for competition details per conference location:

RTC AUS Competition Details (May 2013)

RTC NA Competition Details (July 2013)

RTC EUR Competition – feeling left out? No competition in Delft 2013 which gives you more time to prepare for RTC EUR 2014!! Location is a big secret, sorry! I know but I can’t tell you…sorry, no really. Okay I don’t really know yet either.

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