RTC Indonesia??? Keep holding your breath….

Some of you may have heard that South East Asia has been suffering under a tremendous blanket of smokey air pollution for about 2 months.  For those who came in to Singapore for RTCASIA 2015, let me assure you the sky is not regularly 50 shades of grey with blood red sunrises and sunsets, and a musky burnt  aroma in the air.

Nope its all from mass deforestation in Indonesia through field burning.  Its an indescribably horrible experience to be living through, near or with.  Its being labelled as a “CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY”.


By some reports I’ve read, each month it continues, Its putting a quantity of carbon into the atmosphere equivalent to what the US puts out in a year.

A few weeks ago, i sent my drone up to film what Singapore has been like over the past 2 months.  Its infinitely worse for people in KL and in Indonesia itself.





RTC Indonesia??? Keep holding your breath….i don’t think it’s coming soon.

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