RTC NA 2013 Chooses Lee Crockett for Keynote Speaker

Lee Crockett is an award winning designer, artist, and co-author of several best-selling books. His challenging and entertaining keynote presentations are in high demand to global audiences as he blends intense visual imagery and meaningful content to move past the rhetoric of “why we need to change” and deliver a tangible “how”.

His insights into global exponential trends and disruptive innovation is sought after by businesses and organizations around the world to help them to successfully navigate change by flowing and evolving with it, instead of trying to manage it.

Lee is future focused, envisioning how these global exponential change forces are shaping our societies. He is fixated on transforming education to regain relevance to the needs of today’s learners and co-founded the 21st Century Fluency Project to realize this vision.

His best selling books Understanding the Digital Generation and Literacy is not Enough are manifestos for “reimagineering” education, providing not only the vision of what education can be, but the processes for making it a reality. Literacy is Not Enough and the 21st Century Fluencies have been enthusiastically embraced by educators and districts on a global level.

Lee is a “just in time learner”, constantly adapting to the needs of a diverse set of international corporate and educational clients. It is this dual focus that has allowed him to reconnect education to the demands of the real world and help it to reestablish a culture of excellence.

Understanding the need for balance in our increasingly digital lives, Lee has lived in Kyoto, Japan where he studied Aikido and Tea Ceremony as well as Florence, Italy, where he studied painting.

RTC Australasia 2012 attendees really enjoyed his keynote presentation and we are very pleased to have him address our 2013 attendees in North America!

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