RTC North America 2014 and Autodesk Gunslingers

Each year Autodesk invites a group of customers to an event they call Gunslingers. These invited power users are expected to test features (in this case for Revit), do their best to break things, and put as much stress on the software as they can.

This summer Autodesk has scheduled a small Gunslinger roundup for the same week as RTC North America (RTC is June 19-21, Gunslingers is June 17 – 20, 2014). Also featured during this week just in front of RTC is the Design Technology Summit (Summer Session). This means that there may be some uncomfortable choices to be made between attending RTC, DTS or Gunslingers.

We’ve been told that there are just 16 invited spots for Gunslingers and that testing will be very focused on a specific subset of features. Autodesk staff have also told us that if they are asked which event to attend that they’ll recommend RTC. We understand that there will be another Gunslinger event in the fall a little while before Autodesk University. Perhaps the second event will be a sufficient opportunity to avoid feeling conflicted about attending RTC? We hope so!

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