RTC North America Labs Update

If you want to attend RTC North America and decided registering on hold because the labs you want to attend are filled already we have added a new option to choose “Gallery” seating. This means you’ll have to bring your own computer to be able to follow along.

RTC’s labs will be using our Gold Hardware Sponsor BIM9 private cloud computers and one workstation will be allotted per lab attendee. We made a change this year in response to attendee feedback that asked that we stop having them share a computer in our labs. This means there are fewer available seats in the lab. Creating and providing this new gallery option lets us welcome more participants into each lab.

Considering that many of RTC attendees are quite adept with Revit already, that means many are just as comfortable learning by watching. Choosing how you want to follow along will be up to you.

Now go Register!!

If you already registered you can revisit your registration to change your lab attendance preference. For example if you are quite comfortable observing the lab and don’t need your own cloud pc you can change your attendance to the Gallery.

Find out how to Edit Your Registration.

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