RTC VisDay 2013 Update

If you’ve been wondering what we have been planning for VisDay this year this post is for you. After discussion with Dan Jürgens and looking at our current commitments for this year we have decided to delay the next Visualisation event until 2014.

We anticipate running a VisCon type event in association with the RTC Australasian event in 2014 like last year. The location will most likely be back in Australia but it has not been pinned down yet. Our intent is to expand it into a 2 day, 2 stream conference for Visualisation on the Monday and Tuesday, prior to the RTC event (Thur – Sat). In the meantime we look forward to seeing and having  Dan Jürgens being around at the 2013 Australasian RTC.

Thanks for those of you that made VisDay last year great and we hope you’ll return next year.

Feel free to offer you comments and advice!

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