RTC: Where Humanity and Technology Meet

RTC is a lot about technology – but just not technology. Technology is also about people and therefore humanity. The result is humor and conflict where the themes of Technology and Humanity intersect.

This year’s keynote was expertly given by Ashraf Habibullah, the founder and CEO of Computers and Structures, Inc. Perhaps you’re thinking that engineers all have a dominant introversion gene and wouldn’t make a very compelling keynote speaker. Well, in this case you’d be wrong. So very wrong.

Mr. Habibullah spoke about technology, but in the context of humanity.

– Plan A: Rock Star.
– Plan B. Structural Engineer.

This is the short version. Show it to your coworkers and kids. Tell them of the importance of designing and engineering the built environment. Because humanity depends on it. “You are created to make the life of another human being better,” stated Ashraf with refreshingly experienced certainty.

And in closing, “So how come Obama got the Peace Prize and you didn’t?” Let that one sink in and then get back to work.

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