RTCAUS Speaker Profile with Olivia Pearson

Olivia Pearson

Olivia Pearson – GHD Pty Ltd

How many times you’ve attended an RTC conference (Australia and/or elsewhere):

“This will be my 4th time at a RTC.”

What you do (not just your title…what you really do!):

“Architect, who has lead multi discipline projects completed in revit and that has worked on a couple of projects that have had BIM deliverables.”

What is interesting about what you do (what motivates you at both work and play):

“Finding efficiencies and speeding up the way we document buildings. I really enjoy designing/resolving my projects through the use of various different softwares available.”

Where you think design technology is headed in the next 3-5 years (or a more appropriate technology issue of interest to you):

“Its definitely moving more towards BIM, or at least using intelligent software applications to document a project – we are already seeing bids out in NZ requesting BIM advisory services to help a client plan how they might benefit from using BIM on their projects.”

Why you attend RTC (what’s the business and personal motivation):

“Enjoy attending RTCs as they keep me up to date with Revit and BIM stuff and are good networking events.”

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