RTCAUS Speaker Profile with Claire Atherstone


Claire Atherstone – Jasmax

How many times you’ve attended an RTC conference (Australia and/or elsewhere)

“This will be my third RTC event”

What you do (not just your title…what you really do!)

“Officially I am the Applications Specialist at Jasmax. What that means is that I am a Revit expert – no not expert, I hate that term since it implies I know it all – I am simply the person who can work out how to model those crazy curves or recover the file you’ve now crashed repeatedly and fix it, or create that impossible family that you needed for the deadline 10 minutes ago. My claim to fame is being the only luddite on the IT Team. I know nothing about hardware – well very little – but I am now fairly fluent in IT-geek and am thus able to understand the IT team a little better than most.”

What is interesting about what you do (what motivates you at both work and play)

“Following a chequered career, I dabbled in journalism, copywriting and graphic design before falling into architectural drafting by way of being an AutoCAD jockey. Born and raised in South Africa, I moved to NZ 6 years back and have fallen in love with the place. 

In the hours between solving Revit issues, I raise two boys – which is in itself an exercise in problem-solving. I may have written a few children’s manuscripts along the way – these now lurk towards the rear of my had drive waiting for a publisher. Weekends see me on the dance floor doing a fairly decent Cuban salsa or a passable Bachata.”

Where you think design technology is headed in the next 3-5 years (or a more appropriate technology issue of interest to you)

“Imagine a world where your very imaginings could magically appear on the screen in front of you… 

Yeah, nah – design software is a fair way off reading minds, but I would like to see a more integrated approach to software. Not one software solution for every purpose – but the best software for the job as needed. And the products of the software seamlessly integrate with each other without BIM managers pulling their hair out – AGAIN! 

I guess I am proposing a perfect BIM World.”

Why you attend RTC (what’s the business and personal motivation)

“Four days to hang out with a bunch of Revit Geeks – what more could you want?

The idea being that we take what we learn and use it in our office workflows.”


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