RTCAUS Speaker Profile with Nathan Love

Nathan Love

Nathan Love – Hyder

How many times you’ve attended an RTC conference (Australia and/or elsewhere)

“this will be my 8th RTC in Australia”

What you do (not just your title…what you really do!)

“Drafting manager for the structural team / BIM Co-ordinator for the Property group on relevant projects”

What is interesting about what you do (what motivates you at both work and play)

“Thinking of new ways to better deliver projects by pushing the new software available to us”

Where you think design technology is headed in the next 3-5 years (or a more appropriate technology issue of interest to you)

“Probably not very far, until the masses are forced to embrace BIM once more clients are educated about the potential advantages using BIM”

Why you attend RTC (what’s the business and personal motivation)

“Learning / Sharing / Networking / Seeing what my competitors are doing / and maybe those one or two free beers…”

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