RTCAUS Topics for Every Industry


In our 11th year RTCAUS has endeavoured to bring speakers and topics to you of a greater diversity than ever, reflecting the diversity of technology applications across our construction industry, as well as insights from the US & Europe:

  • Construction stream sessions from speakers like Leo Molina, Dan Kalnins, Adam Sheather, Chris Mouflard and more.
  • Business Strategy/Leadership sessions from the likes of David Philp (yes, not just the keynote session!), Peter Barda, James Vandezande, Phil Read, Chris Needham, Melanie Tristram and Mark Jeffery.
  • Operations & Maintenance sessions from Nathan Lyon, Dan Kalnins, Malcolm Foort, and Rob Jackson.
  • A range of other sessions from high-calibre speakers like Havard Vasshaug, Steve Stafford, Jon Mirtschin, Chris Price, Simeon Balabanov and Andrew Dwight.

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