RTCNA Speaker Profile with Mark Schmieding: Great Tools Don’t Just Work. They Should Help You Enjoy Life!

Mark Schmieding

 “As the Director of BIM Applications at Goettsch Partners, my goal is to transition the office to design, analyze and document buildings using the latest BIM tools”, states Mark Schmieding. “ But it’s important to understand our design focus isn’t only about Revit. Our design teams need a workflow where Revit can ‘round-trip’ to other BIM applications. RTC helps me figure out the broader BIM ecosystem.”


According to Mark – it’s not just about directing technology – it’s about motivating people. “Deep knowledge of Revit only gets you so far,” he explains. “One moment I’m a cheerleader. A moment later a PR person. Or a counselor, communicator and teacher.”


“It’s really about instilling confidence that projects can be done well and in a more efficient manner, and that the learning curve and transition effort will pay off in the long run.  So far, so good!”


Mark attended and spoke at his first RTC Conference last year in Chicago, mainly because of proximity to his office. He enjoyed it so much he’s already registered for this years North American conference in Washington, DC.


Expanding on his “it’s not just about technology” theme, Mark continues. “Architects should enjoy what we do and the tools we use should enhance that experience. It’s not enough that technology just “work” correctly – great tools should make work exciting and enjoyable.” 


“I would say my ‘play’ philosophy is the same – do what you enjoy, and make the most of what you have to work with.” Mark enjoys this aspect of RTC as well. “Attending and teaching sessions is a lot of hard work! But you look forward to it all knowing that at then end of the day you’ll be able to unwind and relax with other great people.”


So where does Mark believe the technology is headed? He believes current design tools have much of the needed capabilities, but the social aspects still need to evolve. “It’s not enough to be able to create something. Design is a team effort but our tools are often in silos. Making is one thing, but people need to interact more seamlessly.”


“I hope the software companies are listening,” Mark says. “Coordination isn’t just about geometry – we need a work flow that better stimulates and streamlines interaction.” 


As for Goettsch, it’s about Revit but not just about Revit – just like RTC. 


“RTC understands the need for interaction as well. The people who present and attend are familiar with Revit but also how it works with other BIM technologies and tools. This is what’s most important to me and the work that I do.”


So one question remains: What’s the deal with the Vespa?

Art and Mark

 “Haven’t you been listening?” exclaims Mark. “That’s my 90 year old father Art on the back! And every time we’re together he reminds me how important it is to be about enjoying what you do!”



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