You haven’t been watching South Park because you’re too busy fulfilling your architectural dreams to make the world a better place? Please put down your mouse, push away from your desk and make a u-turn on the road paved with good intentions.

In “The City Part of Town” (season 19, episode 03), South Park takes aim at the topic of well-intended gentrification.

Where else to start but Kenny’s neighborhood? It’s all part of season 19’s story arc to make South Park a more progressive, forward thinking town.

What could possibly go wrong?

Fast forward to Historic Sodosopa.

Of course wrapping Kenny’s house with trendy lofts, restaurants and nightlife isn’t an end in itself. The real goal is to attract a Whole Foods. South Park is trying to turn itself around, and where else can you be politically progressive, buy $6 bottles of asparagus water and send a gerbil to college all at the same time?

The full episode is over here on Hulu. NSFW. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put in headphones.

As for Kenny’s family? Watch the episode and let it give you something to think about to offset the progressive pat on the back you’re feeling the next time you’re asked to help design a gentrified, new urbanist masterplan.

What could possibly go wrong?

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