Safety First!


Headed to #RTCAUS from another country? I’m going to presume you’ve already reviewed the session on sensitivity training.

You need to understand that Australia and all other countries descended from Great Britain are often confusing and dangerous. Don’t let their charming accents beguile you!

For example, many people avoid Australian beaches due to the dreaded great white shark. So they decide to spend their holidays in the outback only to be eaten by enormous crocodiles or die of thirst. Don’t let this be you!

As this video explains, many things about Australia may seem familiar at first. Yet on closer inspection electrical plugs don’t fit, hot and cold water taps are separate and don’t even try to understand the bathrooms! You’ll often find the shower in one room and the toilet in another.

At least they have indoor plumbing in Australia – if only to claim another bit of superiority over New Zealand. Yes it’s an English video. Better safe than sorry!

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