Save The Date: RTC BCS 2016 (Building Content Summit) July 11-12, 2016

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Last July, RTC hosted the inaugural Building Content Summit prior to the North American Conference. About 100 participants- content users, content providers, building product manufacturers, and software vendors (multiple software vendors, not just Autodesk)- were in attendance, to discuss/debate/strategize all things Building Content related.  As the BCS Committee planned out last years event, the event was crafted to be a series of discussions and/or positions, including dialogue about the entire lifespan of a project, and what content means to us as AEC Professionals.  The day-long event consisted of a myriad of formats: some short presentations (by attendees, about their day to day workflows with content), by content providers (explaining what is asked of them by building product manufacturers), and by Software Vendors (about what the potential future of content could look like), as well as breakout sessions discussing different topics in the content realm.  What we hoped for came true:  An event that discussed many of the bigger picture issues of content, and didn’t devolve in to “i want parameters named this and reference planes named that!”

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More than that, last years event kicked off collaborations towards making positive changes in the realm of content development.  It was a day that sidestepped the typical single linear communication of feedback (YOU tell US to do THIS, and YOU check THIS box if you’re HAPPY with our content), facilitating real conversations about what it looks like to have a meaningful content system that everyone can benefit from. (There was also a live artist recording the conversation graphically.  I only bring this up to point out that he drew *socks* on the artwork…)

BCS wrapped up at night with a Content Hackathon, with various tables set up for users to Jack In and show off some crazy things they are doing with Content, with Data, with Content and Data, or… With Star Wars machines modeled as Revit Content (which was awesome!).  We wont name names, Marcello, but Star Wars was a show stopper!

As November winds to a close, the BCS Committee is hard at work planning this years event.  What can i tell you about this years event so far?  A few great things:

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1. Since we began planning this event immediately after RTCNA2015, we can let you all know about it MUCH EARLIER, so you can secure permission from the powers that be, to attend. Get it approved, reserve flights, and be ready to jam with content!  I’m bringing every piece of content i have, this year.  Lets collaborate on making things better! Break out flash drives!

2. We have some great new concepts in the mix for BCS 2016, including a space you can meander throughout the entire event, to talk to Content Experts while they actually build/edit/audit/fix/change/flex/break content… Either their own, or yours. =) Its sort of like… a Mechanics Garage.

3. There will be enough things going on in BCS this year, that it will be TWO full days, filled with even more people than we had last year.

4. You want to be at this event.

So, even though you cant register for it *quite* yet, put it on your calendar, and get it on your radar!

BCS 2016: July 11-12, 2016. Scottsdale, Arizona.

More information will be posted in the upcoming weeks.  In the meantime, if you have questions about the event, feel free to email me.

-Aaron Maller (twiceroadsfool)

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