Seal of Approval

BILTna is six weeks from this Thursday. If you’re on the fence and need to add a bit of fuel to the fire or need reason to attend, we’re getting the seal of approval from the AIA!

Scan the list below for a variety of sessions from concept to construction. So far 14 sessions are approved from BCS to BILT. And we’ll be adding additional approved sessions to the schedule over the next few weeks:

1.2 Efficiently Controlling Visibility with One Workset | Adam Roth, Henderson Engineers Inc.

1.3 Revit Phasing from A to Z / Sash Kazeminejad, Ideate Software

1.3 Add Some Clarity to Project Health and Automation | Kenny Hunter, tk1sc

1.4 Dynamo for Interior Design | William Carney, BSA LifeStructures

1.5 Driving Form: Computational Performance Design | Sean Quinn, HOK

2.3 Computational Design for Structures: No Strings Attached! | Andrew Atkins, HGA Architects and Engineers

2.4 Back to Reality: From Scan to Model to VR | Paul Aubin, Paul F. Aubin Consulting Services Inc.

2.5 Lab: Machine Learning, it’s not just for Data Scientists | Nick Kovach, BOKA Powell

3.2 An Applications Training Initiative: Overcoming the Lack of Training for a Mid-Sized Firm | Chad Speas, Corgan

3.3 Innovative Ways BIM Contributes to Lean Construction | Daniel Doherty, Clark Builders

3.3 Workshop: UX Design for Families Using Empathy, Prototyping, and Testing | Elaine Lee, Perkins Eastman

3.3 COBie and Classification Systems in Revit | T.J. Meehan, CADD Microsystems

3.4 Enhanced Integration: Connecting the Disjointed Lifecycle of the AEC/O Industry | Marin Pastar, Bates

3.4 Top Ten Structural Revit Families (That Just Might Change Your Life) | Andrew Atkins, HGA Architects and Engineers

All these sessions (and more) are highlighted in light blue over here:

Earn while you learn! Great sessions taught by industry experts that are in the trenches just like you. And AIA credits are a terrific addition to your investment.

Register today! :)

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