See You In St. Louis

RTC Events Week starts next week! What? You haven’t registered? Start here!

  • August 7-8: DTS
  • August 8: Data Day
  • August 9-10: Building Content Summit
  • August 9-11: BILTna

As you pack your bags in preparation for the event, be sure to review this checklist to ensure you haven’t missed anything and aren’t left standing out in the cold (or shall we say in the hot!).

– If you plan on attending our social events make sure you have selected the correct option in your registration. If you haven’t go back in and check the box indicating your attendance. Otherwise, we’ll assume you’re not attending.

Avoid the morning rush the day of the conference! Registration will be open the day before the conference from 2:00pm -5:30pm.

– This year’s Keynote speakers are Dr. Anita Sengupta and Sabin Howard. Take a moment and familiarize yourself with who they are and their extraordinary work.

Glorious Gadgets this year will focus on Transportation – from the small scale to mega developments, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Hear about the latest developments, and come to the booth in the exhibition hall to try out some of the personal scale examples!

– If you’re bringing the family, there’s so much fun stuff to do in St. Louis. Here’s a list of suggestions to keep the little one’s busy during the day while you’re attending sessions.

– Thursday night’s offisite function is being held at City Museum. This is an incredibly unique and interactive venue – expect climbing, sliding, crawling and gawking. You’re going to want to wear very comfortable clothing: jeans/shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes. Prepare to be amazed and keep asking yourself, “How would I build this in Revit?” :)

– The Gala Dinner’s theme this year is Steampunk! Don’t forget to bring your costume (or rent one in St. Louis). You know there will be prizes.

All for now! See you in St. Louis!

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