Sensitivity Training: Second Semester

The politics of BIM is quite a charged environment but that’s nothing compared to the religion of rugby. I don’t know why Wes deliberately scheduled #RTCEUR around the 2015 Rugby World Cup but this is not going to be pretty. The RTC team is from all over commonwealth countries, which creates enormous stresses at times like these. Specifically:

  • Wesley Benn: Australia via United States
  • Harriet Cottam: England (and engaged to an Englishman)
  • Heidi Earl: Australia (but married to a New Zealander)
  • Heidi Lam: Australia via Hong Kong
  • Marissa Pilon: Australia

World Cup teams remaining:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa

Do you see how this can go wrong during RTC? The finals are going to happen during the Gala Dinner!

So please be extra patient with the RTC team as this magnanimous sporting event plays out. Very important to keep the Gala Dinner a lighthearted affair and not let Wes poke the other countries (or committee members, delegates, exhibitors, sponsors, etc.) playing in the finals. Or not playing in the final.

As for me…I’ll be sitting with clear access to the nearest exit.

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