Six Months from Today

It’s the 29th of January and you know what that means! Six months from today we’ll be wrapping up the first successful North American BILT event and prepping for another wonderful Gala Dinner. But this isn’t about the conference. This is what happens ahead of the conference.

This year’s North American event will be in Toronto, Canada. I had the opportunity to travel to Toronto many times to train and support architecture firms that were making the move to Revit. Whether freezing winter or heat of summer I was always mesmerized by way the city seemed to shimmer at night. There’s a clarity to the air that makes tall buildings sparkle and reflect light so beautifully. And there’s the enormous Windshare turbine slowly turning in the distance as if gently waving a friendly “Hello!”

So come a few days early and enjoy! There’s some really cool stuff to do around Toronto. Niagara Falls is about 1.5 hours drive. The downtown of Toronto is very walkable. I used to walk by the Sharp Centre for Design at OCAD University every morning while heading to one client’s office and admire the outlandish playfulness.

And then there’s “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” – filmed in Toronto. If you’re a fan the film there’s lots of site locations to pay homage…ahem…visit. And speaking of the Gala Dinner, does anyone know if there’s a good Sex Bob-omb cover band for the occasion? Just FYI – in the movie, all of Sex Bob-omb’s music was written by Beck (yes, that Beck) Hansen and performed by the actors. Props and chops!

Are you a local in Toronto? Please feel free to add to the discussion about all the cool stuff to do in and around the area. Head over to the BILT Twitter feed (link) using the #BILTna hashtag, and let us know what you think shouldn’t be missed!

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