Software and Data: Help or Hindrance?

“Software eats the world“, said Marc Andreessen in the Wall Street Journal in 2011. We witness it every day. We have a new iPhone version every year, integrated AR, Siri, which tells you where you will go or Alexa which answers almost every question.  This technology is supposed to make our life easier every day, although sometimes the dreaded Autocorrect (visit DYAC for a good laugh) is more hindrance than help. This is of course valid for all industries. It has been said that every company in fact should become a software company.

How is this in construction? 80% of construction projects are behind schedule, 20% over budget, we have seen zero productivity gain in the last 50 years, 10% accepted error rate, only 1% IT investment (almost the last), change progresses rather slowly. Despite this, we have highly developed special applications: we are able to transform ourselves into a completely virtual world down to the exact millimeter, we can accurately predict how long each element of a building will last, and thus when to make repairs, and we can take a photo of a room and have a to-scale model on a computer within minutes, but despite these technology advancements, we keep thinking in silos. We are not embracing the value of collaboration and data, the use of a true CDE (Common Data environment) yet. Project organization, contracts, lacking processes, incentives, standards and non-integrated technologies hinder this next natural step.

To talk more on this topic, and how we can more accurately and effectively use the data and tools we have at our disposable, we are pleased to announce our Closing Keynote for this year’s BILT Europe, Frank Weiss, who heads global strategy for BIM & Innovation for CEGBU – Construction Engineering Global Business Unit – at Oracle.

Oracle has a strong vision how this can be achieved. Predictive analysis, an open and integrated eco-system based on a CDE, with a new user experience to help clients and the market to improve and enter the next level. Frank will explore this and more in his keynote presentation “BIM @ Oracle: Making the invisible visible”

Frank Weiss is based in Berlin. He is a co-founder of conject, where he focused on product strategy and business development. In this time he worked and lived in Munich, Dubai, and St. Petersburg. In Aconex, which acquired conject in 2016, he served as VP for BIM Strategy and Development globally. Earlier this year Oracle  acquired Aconex and so Frank’s journey continues.

He is a very curious and active person. He is internationally acknowledged as a BIM expert and speaker. In his free time he likes running, yoga and bouldering – which are great preparations for his hiking tours on holiday.

Make sure you join us this for this eye-opening keynote and much more!

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