RTCAUS Speaker Profile with Tim Waldock

Tim Waldock

Tim Waldock – RevitCat

As we get closer to our 11th RTC AUS we’re providing insights from some of our speakers at this year’s event.  We’ve asked them a series of questions and we’ll post there responses here over the coming days.

How many times you’ve attended an RTC conference (Australia and/or elsewhere):

“I have been to every RTC except the first one in the Blue Mountains 2006, and Dublin 2014.  maybe missed a couple of ancillary events (Viscon, DTS etc);  ok, I have to admit that in 2007, I only attended the Sydney stop of the travelling roadshow.  I have presented at almost all of the RTC events I attended.”

What you do (not just your title…what you really do!):

“I am a Revit Consultant – meaning I offer any Revit related services to Revit using companies, most particularly architects.  Services include Revit setup, auditing projects, auditing & documenting company standards, training, troubleshooting projects, advising on project setup etc.”

What is interesting about what you do (what motivates you at both work and play):

“I am passionate about improving the way people do things, and the tools they use to do them.  that means I am passionate about improving Revit – which is why I spend some of my leisure time beta testing new versions of Revit, giving constructive feedback to Autodesk, writing a Revit blog (RevitCat.blogspot), attending Revit Gunslinger testing sessione etc.  Oh, and I love travelling, so I find ways to combine the two.”

Where you think design technology is headed in the next 3-5 years (or a more appropriate technology issue of interest to you):

“More Virtual Reality, and less drawings, I hope.”

Why you attend RTC (what’s the business and personal motivation):

“I have never been to an RTC where I didn’t learn something valuable about Revit and BIM – usually I learn a lot.  Meeting people and making contacts with like-minded Reviteers.”

More info on this and other speakers…

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