Speaker Ranking – Top 10 for RTC AUS

The results are in and the top ten presentations and speakers for RTC in Wollongong (based on attendee survey ranking) are:

1 – Marcello Sgambelluri – Exciting New Methods to Model Extremely Complex Geometry for Walls, Floors, Roofs & Beams

2 – Lee Crockett – Keynote: Living on the Future Edge: The Age of Disruptive Innovation

3 – Marcello Sgambelluri – LAB: Power Points & Power Plays Using Adaptive Component points to drive your Revit families

4 – Anthony Hauck – Strategic Directions for Revit Product Line

A tie at fifth place!

5 – Marcello Sgambelluri – LAB: Ride the Rails: New Ways to build Rotation Parameters within families to make moveable Parts!

5 – Chad Smith – LAB: An Introduction to Autodesk® Revit® Massing, Surface Divisions, and Adaptive Components

6 – Mortimer Vunderbight – Designing an Evil Island Lair

7 – Chris Needham, Lee Crockett & Phil Read – Surviving Outsourcing: How to thrive in the 21st Century

8 – Jim Balding – Lets explore Mobile device Apps

9 – Marcello Sgambelluri – LAB: Customizing the Graphical Column Schedule: Adding Parameters

10 – Steve Stafford – Coordinating Projects using Shared Coordinates

Spectacularly well done to Marcello with four places in the top ten! Setting the bar very high indeed! Nicely done to Lee for placing twice as our keynote and lending a hand in a session. Ditto for Phil with two, one filling in for Mortimer who couldn’t get a visa. Apparently working for an evil Lord and Master is frowned on by other countries.

We saw a tie for fifth place and four lab sessions appeared in the top ten as well. It’s hard to do labs and harder still to do them well enough to rank so highly!

Well done to our top ten speakers and to everyone else! Thank you very much for the hard work, great effort in your sessions, and thank you for helping make RTC great!

Next post will be the results for RTC USA (now RTCNA).

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