Speaker Sponsor Spotlight (v2)

Prepping for RTC is no modest task. In my experience, it takes ~ 40 hours to create both handout and presentation for a one hour session. On top of that, you need to practice your presentation multiple times for consistency and flow. Present your session well, and you’ll be roundly praised! Do it poorly and you’ll have face-planted in front of hundreds of industry peers.

Consider that these forty-plus hours has to come from outside work hours. Late nights, weekends and more. Who has time for this?  Read on!

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.13.34 AMAndrew Schrader
Building Systems – CAD/BIM Manager at WSP Group

I am speaking about clash detection. I have worked in the engineering field for over a decade and I constantly see clash detection in the office and with consultants as a last minute item.  As a result, I have developed a working method that will make this more of a real time notification instead of reading a report. I’m really motivated to speak about this as I have been working on this clash idea for the last year and have gotten great feedback from my coworkers and friends. Now I am ready to share this and learn how to do it even better from my peers.

In my opinion, implementing BIM is  great but time consuming and most engineering projects don’t have enough time or manpower allocated for great things to happen. It seems like the design window has become smaller for engineers. This is where I think dynamo can really help automate some of the tasks we do.

So I’m hopeful that with this session, you’ll see it all come together and be a true time saver and the satisfaction of seeing the light bulb come on for the attendees. Last year was my first year and I was blown away by how generous the instructors were with their time and making sure they answered all of the student questions. I am hoping to do the same and learn more about Dynamo as an application for MEP.

And one more thing – I’m looking forward to enjoying the awesome resort!

MarcelloSMarcello Sgambelluri
BIM Director and Technical Evangelist at John A. Martin & Associates

I am speaking about “new technologies every structural firm should know”. Why? Because there are so many technologies out there in the AEC industry that are practically unknown but incredibly useful. For example, real time rendering and computational design programs that cater well to architectural offices but it’s not often clear how they could be used for structural firms.

So this session is intended to clarify and focus on what technologies you should adapt to make your structural firm more successful. It will be a fun and exciting class and I can’t wait!

Speaking at RTC comes from the satisfaction to contribute and help the RTC community. In my experience, there are still meaningful challenges when it comes to implementing and adopting BIM. BIM at its core creates 3D models rich with information. However, most building permitting agencies and others still require 2-D drawings to be created from 3-D models. This seems a bit of a contradiction that I’m hopeful the industry will eventually overcome. But in the mean time (and even considering present technical limitations) using BIM creates an atmosphere of more effective collaboration between all the parties involved.

That’s it! I hope to see you at RTC! Connecting with the delegates and the other speakers while finding what everyone has been up to and being able to geek out about BIM technologies is wonderful and refreshing. So while I love to teach – RTC is also great learning experience for me.

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