Speaker Sponsor Spotlight (v4)

RTC Australia is a wrap! Wonderful half-week in Hunter Valley. All the feedback I’ve heard has been overwhelmingly positive. What’s next? RTC North America. Are you on the fence about attending? IMO read on for a few speaker / sponsor testimonials which convey not only the content – but also the caliber of the  speakers that share their experience at RTC!

And then register today!

Matthew EmondMatthew Emond
VDC Manager for Skanska

This year I’m speaking on the topic of the Integrated Project Modeling efforts at Autodesk’s Boston office and build space. As many of you may not know – the Autodesk team  moved from the Waltham office to downtown Boston. The office is right on the waterfront now and the view is amazing.

As a VDC Manager at Skanska, I’m motivated to speak at RTC in order to hold our teams’ ideas and ideals up to the light, I believe this allows the valuable opportunity for the RTC attendees to challenge our teams and make them better.

The most challenging aspect of BIM is the tendency to self-justify and lose connection to the customers needs. Ultimately BIM is really about facilitating better communication while creating a higher level of trust between AEC professionals and their customers. If more individuals, businesses, and communities saw our industry as transparent & altruistic, our impact on the health, safety, and welfare of our society would be much greater.

Overall, RTC isn’t just about the formal learning that takes place during the day. It’s also about the opportunities to discuss and debate process efficiency, bizarre gadgets and how to change the world in until I’m blue in the face. Not to mention having a beer with old friends.

Jason BoehningJason Boehning
Building Content Manager for 4D Technologies | CADLearning

This year I am speaking about using the tools that we have available to create more parametric designs. One session is focused on mechanical design while the other is focused on electrical. Last year I focused on Dynamo for MEP design – mainly the basics of getting started. So this year I’m looking to take it a step further!

I joined CADLearning so that I could help people. I look at RTC the same way – an opportunity to help people. I don’t necessarily have all the right answers, but I can definitely provide new solutions to some of the problems we have. The interesting thing about BIM right now is that there is not one right way to do things. Everyone is still blazing the path and seeking to find more efficient, effective methods. Another thing we deal with are limitations in the tools we have. I think it is a great time to be a part of our industry because there are always problems to be solved and new solutions to be discovered.

RTC is a great place to bring this all together. Pretty much everyone there is seeking to share and learn. It’s a very open and friendly environment. One of my favorite things about RTC is catching up with people from around the world that I don’t get to see often, as well as meeting new folks. And the fact that we get to travel around to different cities and experience different events during the conference is a bonus!

Kyle MartinKyle Martin
Architect for Shepley Bulfinch

At RTC I will be telling the story of introducing computational design at a national architecture office. Demonstrating the value of visual programming for optimizing BIM production has opened the door for digital design exploration. Tools like Dynamo and Grasshopper are bringing designers and production staff closer to coding principles than ever before, which is significantly shrinking the barrier to entry for more powerful computational tools.  I am motivated to speak at RTC to share the perspective of one company and hopefully provide insight to others who are also trying to explore new methodologies.

What I find most rewarding about BIM is problem solving and improving others’ quality of life. Compared to previous documentation technologies, BIM relies on more technical expertise than ever. By experiencing as many scenarios as possible, we all become increasingly efficient at troubleshooting and enabling project team members to stay on task. In addition, Revit expertise paired with capabilities of tools like Dynamo only increases opportunities to redeem time that users can reallocate to focusing on the craft of the profession and still get home to their families at a reasonable hour. RTC provides an excellent forum for sharing knowledge and learning vicariously through the experiences of others.

This year at RTC I look most forward to learning about latest advancements and emerging trends. What are common challenges people are running into and what are some of the innovative ways they have circumvented those issues? Learning from experts of a wide range of concentrations and engaging with the greater BIM community is bound to create a memorable RTC experience for all.

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